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Iowa Board of Educational Examiners

Background Checks

Renewal and conversion applications with the BOEE include checks of various resources such as Iowa Courts Online, Child Abuse Registry, Sex Offender Registry, and others.  The applicant pays a fee as part of the renewal or conversion application process and the BOEE conducts the required background check.

First Time Applicants

Beginning June 5th, 2023, the Board of Educational Examiners will be using Fieldprint to complete the federal portion of our required background checks for new applicants.

Fieldprint has locations across Iowa to allow individuals applying for their first license with the Board of Educational Examiners to be fingerprinted and have their prints submitted to the federal agency to complete this portion of the background check. Within each application will be instructions to outline the procedures to make an appointment, secure fingerprints and submit the necessary information.

Individuals applying for licensure who live outside of Iowa have two options. You may wait until you come to Iowa and complete the process through Fieldprint. We are receiving the final reports within one week for the majority of submissions. You may also contact our office (515-281-3245) to request a card packet be mailed to you. There will be an additional fee added to your application, but no additional fee will be required with Fieldprint.

This new Fieldprint process will provide a more convenient fingerprinting process, decrease processing times, and decrease the individual cost for the applicant. We anticipate receiving results in approximately one week or less for the majority of background checks, although some checks may take longer.

The cost of the federal background check and fingerprinting costs will be paid directly to Fieldprint at the time of registering for an appointment. The current cost of this procedure will be $34.35. The remaining fee for background check of $35.00 will be paid to the Board of Educational Examiners in the online application.

Paper fingerprint cards will still be available upon request. The fee to complete the background check through paper cards will continue to be $75.00. Cards will need to be requested from our office. You may call the main number at 515-281-3245.