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Background Checks

Renewal and Conversion applications with the BOEE will include checks of various resources such as Iowa Courts Online, Child Abuse Registry, Sex Offender Registry, and others.  The applicant need only pay the fees and submit the application and the BOEE will handle the background check as part of the renewal or conversion process.

New license applications with the BOEE will require additional background checking that will require additional process.  We will need fingerprints from applicants in order to run Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history checks.  You may come to our office to have fingerprints taken and submitted electronically or you may have us send a packet that allows you to collect fingerprints on a card that you send to us.  See your application for more details. If you are completing a teacher preparation program at an Iowa college or university, check with your school about this process as they will probably arrange it for you. 

Packets for completing a background check are ordered via your application online. If you would like to get your background check started but aren't yet ready to complete your application, you can start the application now in order to get your background check packet sent to you and start the background check process. You can go back to complete your application at a later date.