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Coaching License Types

Coaching Authorization (in lieu of a coaching endorsement on a teaching license)- (click here for Coaching Authorization requirements) Typically this for a non-teacher, retiring teacher, or college student who does not yet hold a teaching license.  Coaching authorizations can also be issued to the teacher who completes the coursework through a community college, or AEA for “contact hour” rather than through SEMESTER hour credits.  Teachers who want to coach before they have a teaching license or after they let it expire will need this type.  (Click Here to Apply)


Coaching Authorization Renewal- (click here for Coaching Authorization renewal requirements) Even if expired, coaches do not have to repeat the 55 hour program/coursework.  The only penalty for an expired license is that a person cannot coach until it is renewed.  Allow 2-4 weeks to process.  If you are in a hurry and not already on an extension, you can apply for an extension which will process within 1-3 days.  (Click Here to Apply)


Extension of a coaching authorization- This is a one-year only license.  It is for the person who needs more time to gather the materials required to renew their coaching authorization. It can also be used in urgent situations.  We issue the extension for one year, and then we can add five years to the end of the authorization once the renewal is complete. Extensions cannot be issued consecutively. The only requirement is the concussion certificate from National Federation of High Schools online and the $40.00 fee. (Click Here to Apply)


Class B for a Coaching Endorsement- This is for a teacher with a current teaching license.  It allows a teacher to coach for two years while the endorsement or authorization classes are being completed.  It does not require any short course.  All teachers have enough credits to qualify for this two-year conditional license.  It does not require a background check. It will require the applicant to send a form to the AD/Admin.  The AD/Admin will indicate the area is coaching.  The applicant should apply for a new license, conditional license, Class B (regular education). This is a conditional endorsement to accompany a teaching license.  (Click Here to Apply)


Transitional Coaching Authorization- (click here for Transitional Coaching Authorization requirements) This is a one-year non-renewable license for a person over the age of 21 who wants to coach before they complete the required 55-hour coursework.  TEACHERS WITH CURRENT TEACHING LICENSES SHOULD NOT APPLY FOR THIS.  Since this license type also requires the fingerprint background check for first-time applicants, it is not a faster license to obtain.  In fact, since it has additional requirements that the coaching authorization (in lieu of coaching on a teaching license) does not have, it is often a slower license type to process and obtain.  (Click Here to Apply)


Converting a Teaching License with a Coaching Endorsement to a Coaching Authorization