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Board of Educational Examiners Staff Directory

Due to the large volume of requests, transactions in the summer take a minimum of four to six weeks to process. Please do not contact our office to check the status of an application if it has been less than six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please have your folder number ready before contacting our office.

Board of Educational Examiners Staff Directory

Area Staff Person Email (Send a message) Phone Number
Account Logins Jessica Kurtz (515) 281-3245
Attorney - Ethics Complaints Nicole Proesch (515) 242-6506
Background Checks Danielle Brookes (515) 281-3482
Board Secretary Kim Cunningham (515) 281-5849
Career and Technical Education David Wempen (515) 281-3605
Clerk Specialist Meredith Hawk (515)725-2146
Coaching Steve Mitchell (515) 418-1403
Conditional Licensure - Administrators Greg Horstmann (515) 281-3587
Conditional Licensure - Regular Education David Wempen (515) 281-3605
Conditional Licensure - Special Education Geri McMahon (515) 281-3437


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