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Converting a teaching license with a coaching ENDORSEMENT to a coaching AUTHORIZATION

A teaching license with a coaching ENDORSEMENT can easily be converted to a coaching Authorization even if the teaching license is expired. This CONVERSION is not a renewal. 

  1. Begin the application at:  The appropriate application for this type is called a First Coaching Authorization (in lieu of coaching on a teaching license). 
  2. On this site, upload the CPR card, concussion certificate completed at  AND a copy of your license or a printout of the screen shot of your license from our web page at:

Teachers with coaching AUTHORIZATIONS wanting to add coaching as an ENDORSEMENT to their teaching license:

  1.  All the coursework needs to have been completed with college semester hour credit.  The community education non-credit hours will not be accepted for this.
  2. There are two different applications a person can use to apply for this.
    1. Completing all the requirements at a State Approved teacher prep institution.  This method requires a recommendation by the college or university where the classes were all completed.  Applicants should check with their institution before they apply using this method. 
    2. Completing all the following to meet the minimum State requirements: Structure and Function of the Human Body, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Coaching Theory/Methods, Human Growth and Development, CPR, and the concussion certificate.  The process of adding this endorsement by satisfying the State minimum requirements involves a two-part process.  First an application is made by uploading official transcripts and other documents so that the coursework can be evaluated.  This is a $60.00 transcript analysis fee.  After the transcript is analyzed, you will receive an email from us.  If you have satisfied the requirements, the second part of the process requires a $50.00 add endorsement fee.