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Login Problems

Following are some tips for dealing with common login problems.


If you did not receive an email with your password reset link, check the following:

  • Have you registered in this system?  Your login to our previous systems will not work on this system.  You will need to register by clicking the "Not a member?" link.  This system was launched on March 18, 2019, so if you have not performed any interactions with our systems since then, you need to register by clicking the "Not a member?" link.
  • Did you use the correct email address?  Try using "Forgot your password?" with other emails you might have used.
  • Was the email sent but not in your inbox?  Check your spam/junk folders, etc.  Sometimes you need to alter your settings to allow emails to be delivered. and should be approved senders.  In some email clients adding those to your address book will get the emails to come through.  Also, the system might send from the domains or so white-listing them might help.


After you click "Not a member?" you will have different fields to complete based on whether you have a Folder Number with us or not.  If you are not sure of your Folder Number, you can use the BoEE License Search to find your public information in our database.  You should type the folder number in rather than copy and paste as you might copy extra hidden characters that will cause problems.  After you enter the required information you click "Sign Up" and you will receive an email with a link to a system page that will have you create your password.


If the email with password link does not work

  • Are you using Internet Explorer or Edge?  Those browsers are not supported.  Copy and paste the URL in the email to the address bar of a different browser if your default browser is an unsupported one.
  • If you copy and pasted the URL, make sure the entire URL is being put in the address bar and not any extra characters.
  • Try shutting down your browser and using the link after restarting it.


If you are still unable to get logged in, call us at 515-281-3245