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Transitional Coaching Authorization- additional information

This license type requires approval from a school administrator/AD (via a eform sent as part of the online application verifying the rules highlighted below even for a volunteer coach), a short course available through Heartland AEA Online Learning, the concussion training (online from the National Federation of High Schools), and the mandatory reporter training for BOTH child AND ADULT. 


Be aware that since this license also requires the background check, this license type is not faster to obtain. 


The processing of your application will be delayed if you submit an incomplete application or if you do not meet all requirement. 


22.1(7) Transitional coaching authorization.

      a.   Application process. Any person interested in the transitional coaching authorization shall submit a complete application verifying the requirements listed below. Application materials are available from the board of educational examiners online at

      b.   Requirements. Applicants for the transitional coaching authorization shall have completed each of the following requirements:

      (1)  Verification that the applicant has not completed the coursework required for a coaching authorization.

      (2)  Verification of an offer of a coaching position by a school or a consortium of schools that will additionally verify that:

      1.   No fully authorized coaching candidates were found after a diligent search,

      2.   The transitional coach will be supervised by a licensed athletic director, administrator, or other practitioner serving in a supervisory role during the first two weeks of employment, and

      3.   The supervisor will evaluate the performance of the transitional coach using an evaluation form available on the school’s website.

      (3)  Successful completion of an approved shortened course of training related to the code of professional rights and responsibilities, practices, and ethics specifically developed for transitional coaches.

      (4)  Successful completion of the child and dependent adult abuse trainings pursuant to 282—subrule 20.3(4).

      (5)  Successful completion of a nationally recognized concussion in youth sports training course.

      (6)  Verification that the applicant has attained a minimum age of 21 years.

      (7)  Verification of completion of the background check requirements set forth in rule 282—13.1(272).


Printed from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website on March 04, 2021 at 10:01pm.